Our art foundry is a special place where the goal is to jump over obstacles and say the impossible is possible.                                                             Each new experience teaches us new skills and procedures. We cooperate with foreign foundries and exchange knowledge.

  • Bronze products are cast according to the original.
  • We carry out integrated projects from the production of the original to the final assembly of bronze sculptures.
  • We perform comprehensive renovations and restoration of bronze sculptures.
  • We maintain bronze monuments.
  • According to the plans, we cut the panels (sheet metal) through external contractors with a waterjet, weld them and process them into the desired product.
  • We cast a bronze product over a 3D print.
  • We are experts in the field of chemical patination of bronze products.
  • When casting products, we use 4 basic alloys.
  • We also manufacture products from synthetic gypsum and other polymers